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Spatially resolve tens to thousands of RNA, DNA, proteins, and therapeutic molecules simultaneously at sub-cellular resolution in 3D with a turn-key platform to drive greater insights into research, medicine, and healthcare.

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black and blue imaging of a mouse's antibody.
black and blue imaging of a mouse's antibody.
Astrocytes are critical for proper neuronal function.

These cells move nutrients and waste to and from neurons, regulate electrical impulses, and control blood flow. Defective astrocytes can cause severe neural dysfunction, therefore studying adjacent cells can illuminate the nature and treatment of neuro-pathologies. (Protein marker GFAP in blue, RNA expression APOE in cyan and GFAP in green)


Microglia clean the brain of pathogens, plaques, damaged neurons and synapses. Clusters of microglia can indicate an injured or diseased brain area. (Protein marker CD68 in yellow)

Neurons are the processing units of our brains.

These cells receive input from our senses, control muscles, encode memories, regulate heart rate, and many more fundamental aspects of our lives. Neurons connect to each other locally, cell to cell, and can send connections far through the central nervous system. Understanding our brains requires a complex map from the whole brain down to the nanometer scale. (RNA expression SNAP25 in red and SYN1 in white)


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Spatial in situ multiomics is a powerful technology for research and discovery applications.


Understanding the tumor microenvironment on a patient-by-patient basis will improve immunotherapies. With our technology, researchers can better understand T-cells, immune signaling, and driver mutations within the tumor microenvironment at sub-cellular resolution.

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Infectious Disease

Our initial technology was designed to advance our understanding of HIV biology. We cover a broad spectrum of immune host interactions, cell-typing, signaling and activation pathways, virus genome (RNA & DNA), and virus transcriptome all localized within the same FFPE or Fresh Frozen sample.

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Creation of a comprehensive brain cell atlas will have enormous benefit to both basic neuroscience research and biomedical applications such as understanding and treating traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases.

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