Understanding the tumor microenvironment (TME) on a patient-by-patient basis will improve immunotherapies. With our platform researchers can better understand T-cells, immune signaling, and driver mutations within the TME at sub-cellular resolution in 3D.

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The tumor microenvironment (TME) is unique to each cancer patient and our ability to understand it at a much higher resolution is essential to improve the success of immunotherapies. Critical questions include:

  • Where are the T-cells in the context of the tumor?
  • What is the pattern of immune signaling in the tumor?
  • What cells harbor driver mutations and what are those mutations?

The RC2 platform and oncology kits can delineate multiple aspects of the TME immune interaction from a single tumor slice. Our platform unifies disparate histological and molecular assays into a single spatial multi-omic assay, eliminating the need to allocate precious tumor sample between anatomical and molecular pathology. This uniquely powerful platform will form the basis of detailed prognostic and diagnostic panels to increase the efficacy of IO treatments and introduces vast opportunities for meaningful clinical insight in immuno-oncology, pathology, and drug discovery.

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Turnkey benchtop instrument to capture sub-cellular information in situ


  • Touchscreen interface for easy experiment set up
  • RFID tracking of consumables and samples
  • Run up to four samples at a time to maximize throughput
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Instrument Kit

Turn-key sequencing kits, up to four samples per run


  • Every cell in the sample
  • Down to 300nm resolution
  • An entire sample up to 10x20mm
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Prep Kit

Kits with panels up to 1024 gene targets


  • Sensitivity to single-nucleotide variants
  • Tens of thousands of cells in situ
  • Any FFPE or Fresh Frozen Tissue
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Visualize and analyze your spatial data


  • Simple navigation through complex target and structure
  • Expression analysis
  • Annotate and compare regions of interest
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