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Creation of a comprehensive brain cell atlas, developed with the RC2 platform, will have enormous benefit to both basic neuroscience research and biomedical applications such as understanding and treating traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases.

The genes included in the RC2 platform assays include cell-type marker genes mined from the literature and application-specific markers (e.g., traumatic brain injury, inflammation, neurodegeneration) selected in collaboration with leaders in the field.

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Access sub-cellular information in situ


  • Touchscreen interface for easy experiment set up
  • RFID tracking of consumables and samples
  • Run up to four samples at a time to maximize throughput
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Instrument Kit

Turn-key sequencing kits.


  • Every cell in the sample
  • Down to 300nm resolution
  • An entire sample up to 10x20mm
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Prep Kit

Kits with panels up to 1024 gene targets.


  • Sensitivity to single-nucleotide variants
  • Tens of thousands of cells in situ
  • Any FFPE or Fresh Frozen Tissue
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Visualize and analyze your spatial data.


  • Simple navigation through complex target and structure
  • Expression analysis
  • Annotate and compare regions of interest
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