Our applications were developed to advance research, therapeutic development, and clinical diagnosis. As part of our initial product offering users can derive new and deeper insights into oncology, neuroscience and infectious disease. We will also offer a customizable application.

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Join Our Select Release Program!

“Our Select Release Program (SRP) serves as the foundation for researchers to develop new therapeutics and treatments to ultimately improve patient care.”

~Richard Terry, CEO, CTO, and Founder, ReadCoor

Join our Select Release Program to gain access to our fully integrated true multi-omic spatial sequencing platform. It is now available for use with initial applications focusing on immuno-oncology, neuroscience, and infectious disease, as well as a custom offering.

The RC2 platform is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Turn-key instrument captures  sub-cellular in situ information.


  • Touchscreen interface to allow for easy experiment set up
  • RFID tracking of consumables and samples
  • Run up to four samples at a time to maximize throughput
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Prep Kit

Kits with panels up to 250 gene targets.


  • Sensitivity to single-nucleotide variants
  • Tens of thousands of cells in situ
  • Any FFPE or Fresh Frozen Tissue
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Instrument Kit

Turn-key sequencing kits, up to four samples per run.


  • Data from every cell in the sample
  • Down to ~250nm resolution
  • An entire sample up to 10x20mm
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Visualize and analyze your spatial data.


  • Simple navigation of complex 3D data complex
  • Expression analysis
  • Annotate and compare regions of interest
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