Alix Cruse

Senior Director, Sales

Alix Cruse brings 20 years of sequencing and genomics experience to Readcoor, from both commercial industry and academic roles.


More About Alix

Before joining the leadership team at Readcoor, Alix was Sales Director of North America East at Pacific Biosciences.

There, she was responsible for leadership and expansion of a senior sales team focused on rapid growth and adoption of long read sequencing platforms; the RSII, Sequel, and Sequel II Systems. Prior to the sales management promotion, Alix had successful direct sales responsibility at Pacific Biosciences. She also has had a number of commercial technical roles focused on single-molecule technologies including Field Applications Scientist positions at Helicos Biosciences, RainDance Technologies and Pacific Biosciences, and was an application assay development at Helicos Biosciences. Alix began her career at the Whitehead Institute, then Broad Institute, as a research assistant on the Human Genome Project and other large genome projects. At the Broad Institute she worked on production-scale sequencing operations before moving to management of production sequencing teams. Alix has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Biology from Loyola Marymount University and Tufts University, respectively.