Join ReadCoor’s Select Release Program to access True Multi-omic Spatial Sequencing

ReadCoor has developed a powerful highly multiplexed spatial multi-omic platform to interrogate DNA, RNA, proteins, and therapeutics in situ. The RC2 instrument automates the multi-omic readout to deliver 3-dimensional sequencing data with morphological image context. The platform is powered by ReadCoor’s proprietary FISSEQ (Fluorescent in situ Sequencing) technology, which combines the massive multiplexity of next-generation sequencing (NGS) and high-resolution 3D tissue imaging.

The RC2 Select Release Program is an opportunity for investigators to gain access to the first true spatial sequencing platform ahead of our full commercial launch. 

The initial application focus areas are immuno-oncology, neuroscience, and infectious disease. 

Select Release Program (SRP) participants will:

  • Purchase the RC2: the first automated, turn-key spatial sequencing instrument that captures sub-cellular complexity at nanoscale 3D resolution across entire tissue sections.
  • Receive discounts on application kits containing all components necessary to prepare tissue samples for spatial sequencing on the RC2 in a single sample processing workflow. Kits include sample slides that provide optimized surfaces compatible with standard sectioning workflows for FFPE, fixed frozen, or fresh frozen tissues, and feature markings to guide tissue placement.
  • Receive discounts on instrument kits for all necessary bulk and sequencing reagents to collect spatial sequencing information from up to four tissue samples per run.
  • Access analysis and visualization cloudware that integrates data management and analysis. Users manage and analyze sub-cellular molecular information with visualization tools that display molecular and morphological volumes, and displays locations for all multi-omic targets in 3 dimensions.
  • Benefit from full expert training, installation, and support from our experienced team of scientists to design and execute studies on our platform.

Select Release Program Access


Turn-Key Platform


Expert Training


Installation and Support


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Users within the SRP will use ReadCoor’s initial applications to support their specific research interests. The applications offer the following capabilities:

  • Immuno-oncology

ReadCoor’s immuno-oncology application unifies disparate histological and molecular assays, eliminating the need to allocate precious tumor samples between anatomical and molecular pathology methods.  With this assay, researchers can better understand T-cells, immune signaling, and driver mutations within the tumor microenvironment (TME) at sub-cellular resolution in 3D.  This approach could offer meaningful insights to the TME,  advance clinical discoveries in immuno-oncology, pathology, and drug discovery.

  • Neuroscience

Comprehensive cell function and phenotyping to atlas the brain using the RC2 platform will have enormous benefits to both basic neuroscience research and biomedical applications such as understanding and treating traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases. The genes included in the neuroscience assay include cell-type marker genes curated from literature and application-specific markers (e.g., traumatic brain injury, inflammation, neurodegeneration) selected in collaboration with leaders in the field.

  • Infectious Disease

ReadCoor’s initial infectious disease application is designed to advance understanding of HIV and SIV biology. The assay is designed to identify relevant immune gene expression patterns and pathways with spatial context to provide a comprehensive analysis of immune neighborhoods and inflammatory landscapes within a tissue. This approach has the potential to provide insights into many aspects of HIV’s lifecycle and ultimately inform better treatment options towards eradicating this disease.

“We firmly believe our true multi-omic sequencing technology will have a dramatic impact on medicine and healthcare, and this motivates us to provide researchers products that offer unprecedented and meaningful insights into human biology. Our Select Release Program serves as the foundation for researchers to develop new therapeutics and treatments to ultimately improve patient care.”

Richard Terry, CEO, CTO, and Founder of ReadCoor

How to Apply

  • Request an application via email at
  • Please include your contact information and application of interest.
  • Our scientific team will follow up to discuss your research questions, aims, research plan, and specific tissues to be studied.

Download Program Overview

ReadCoor’s RC2 Platform is for research use only. It is not for diagnostic procedures.


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Captures sub-cellular information in situ


  • Touchscreen interface for easy experiment set up
  • RFID tracking of consumables and samples
  • Run up to four samples at a time to maximize throughput
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Instrument Kit

Turn-key sequencing kits, up to four samples per run


  • Every cell in the sample
  • Down to 300nm resolution
  • An entire sample up to 10x20mm
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Prep Kit

Kits with panels up to 1024 gene targets


  • Sensitivity to single-nucleotide variants
  • Tens of thousands of cells in situ
  • Any FFPE or Fresh Frozen Tissue
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Visualize and analyze your spatial data


  • Simple navigation through complex target and structure
  • Expression analysis
  • Annotate and compare regions of interest
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