Founder, President, CTO
Inventor, Author

Mr. Terry's research interests include applying systems-level engineering to biological problems and is considered a nucleic acid sequencing wonk. As the Lead Senior Staff Scientist at Harvard’s Wyss Institute, he supports efforts in reading, writing and editing nucleic acid better known as nucleic acid sequencing, gene synthesis, and gene editing. Mr. Terry was one of the first hires made by the Institute even before they had physical space. He has built the Synthetic Biology platform up from nothing to the leading Translation Synthetic Biology group in the world today. Some of the tools developed in the Synthetic Biology platform under his charge are Ultra-Long DNAs, Next Gen Sequencing, Nanopore Sequencing, Multiplexed Automated Genome Engineering (MAGE), Programmable DNA Nanotherapeutic Robotic Device, CRISPR, TALEN, Zinc Finger, CADnano, SeqTag, Data Encoding and Enzymatic Synthesis of DNA. Before coming to the Wyss, he resided in the Church Lab at Harvard Medical School. During his time in the lab he designed, developed, and produced a cost-effective, high throughput, open source DNA sequencer, "The Polonator". Prior to that he developed implantable devices to stimulate the nerves of the inner ear to treat vestibular disorders at Masscchussetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. He held the position of Senior Project Manager for an optical subsystem of the Large Hadron Colliders (LHC) at The Center of European Nuclear Research (CERN), in Geneva Switzerland. During and post grad school he worked at Boston Medical Center conducting Urology research pertaining to diagnostic devices.  He also has served as a consultant for companies ranging from medical device startups to large manufacturing firms (J&J, NeuroKinetics, Intelligent Bio Systems, Good Start Genetics, ABVitro, Merck, Fero Solutions, Halcyon Molecular, Gen9, Helicos Biosciences…. Additionally, he founded both a DNA sequencing chemistry company and an Engineering consulting firm. Terry, who received his M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University, has various patents and publications spanning multiple disciplines.