Reveal the true spatial dimensions of the tumor microenvironment to accelerate your research and discovery

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Now You Can

  • Eliminate the need to allocate precious tumor samples between anatomical and molecular pathology assays.
  • Identify biomarkers, driver mutations, copy number variations, and cancer-specific gene expression levels at a single-molecule resolution to address the heterogeneity within a tumor.
  • Locate and reveal genotypic and phenotypic differences between cell types across a tissue sample that respond differently to treatment.
  • Look beyond simple morphology and traditional histopathology biomarkers to reveal the complex tumor microenvironment with high-resolution spatial sequencing.

Key Features of Prep Kit-IO

This molecular assay is beneficial for an extensive range of experimental designs, from therapeutic discovery and development to pathology research studies.

  • Sequence up to 250 genes
  • Target all molecules and therapeutics in the same tissue sample
  • Flexible sample types for FFPE, Fresh Frozen, Fixed Frozen
  • Fully integrated for streamlined workflow
  • Reliable results

In-Lab Advantages

With this powerful Platform in your lab, you can access rich spatial data from sample to visualization in one comprehensive workflow. It also enables simplified tracking and automated turnaround.

A comprehensive, single streamlined workflow for Your Lab

Our highly streamlined workflow makes it easy for you to get started with your existing research team.