ReadCoor Collaborates with The Joint Pathology Center

NOVEMBER 9, 2017

Research aims to develop diagnostic tools for pathogen detection

Cambridge, Mass., November 09, 2017 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – ReadCoor, Inc., a company reinventing omics and pathology with its panomic spatial sequencing platform, today announced a collaboration with The Joint Pathology Center (JPC), the premier pathology reference center for the United States government. The project will focus on the development of diagnostics tools for determining the pathogenic cause of mortality using Fluorescent in situ Sequencing (FISSEQ).

The JPC, a Department of Defense laboratory, specializes in pathology consultation, education and research. The center also houses the nation’s oldest tissue repository. ReadCoor will utilize its novel sequencing platform, FISSEQ, to identify the pathogenic cause of mortality from RNA, DNA and proteins localized in a variety of inflamed tissue samples from the center’s repository.

FISSEQ’s ability to sequence samples without disrupting sample structure provides researchers and pathologists with unprecedented spatial data, and the ability to generate reads without advance knowledge of sequences of interest. This powerful platform can detect mutated pathogens, identify contamination, separate pathogens of mortality (e.g. Ebola) from benign pathogens (e.g. rhinovirus), and correlate pathogen location with inflammation.  FISSEQ provides the most complete clinical atlas of molecular, DNA, RNA, and proteins of the host and pathogen for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.

About Fluorescent in situ Sequencing (FISSEQ) 

FISSEQ is a spatial sequencing technology that reads and visualizes the three-dimensional coordinates of molecules of intact tissue, a capability that stands to revolutionize panomics and pathology. FISSEQ was developed in the Church Lab at Harvard University and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, and first published in Science in 2014 (Highly multiplexed three-dimensional subcellular transcriptome sequencing in situ). The platform has broad application in the areas of drug development, diagnostics, and machine learning.

About ReadCoor, Inc.

ReadCoor is leading the next generation of omics by delivering the first panomic spatial sequencing platform to the global audience of researchers, clinicians, pharma and diagnostics companies, and ultimately patients. It is accomplishing this with Fluorescent in situSequencing (FISSEQ), a fundamental new technology, which simultaneously integrates high-throughput sequencing, and three-dimensional morphometric analysis. This uniquely powerful platform is expected to revolutionize the next phase in understanding the panomic landscape and introduce vast new opportunities for important and meaningful clinical insight.


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