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ReadCoor Collaborates with The Joint Pathology Center

Press Release | November 9, 2017 

ReadCoor to Present at the 11th Annual Canaccord Genuity Medical Technology & Diagnostics Forum

Press Release | November 2, 2017

ReadCoor Names Dr. Thomas M. Grogan to its Board of Directors

Press Release | October 11, 2017

ReadCoor and WAVE Life Sciences Initiate Research Collaboration

Press Release | June 8, 2017

Nature Biotechnology Features ReadCoor as a 2016 Leading Spinout

Press Release | April 11, 2017 

ReadCoor Joins the Wyss Institute's IARPA MICrONS Brain Mapping Consortium

Press Release | March 14, 2017

ReadCoor, Inc. Receives a Grant to Support a Novel Pathogen Detection System

Press Release | December 14, 2016 

ReadCoor, Inc., Announces Launch from Wyss Institute Following Completion of Series A Financing Round

Press Release | September 28, 2016

Wyss Institute launches ReadCoor to commercialize 3D in situ gene sequencing technology

Press Release | September 28, 2016

Wyss Institute will lead IARPA-funded brain mapping consortium

Press Release | January 26, 2016

A bird’s eye view of cellular RNAs

Press Release | February 27, 2014


The Wyss Institute Model

Wyss Institute | September 15, 2017

Going Big or Against the Tide: Meet the Big Idea & Contrarian Award Finalists

Xconomy | September 14, 2017

ReadCoor, Wave Life Sciences to Collaborate in Mouse Brain Study

GenomeWeb | June 8, 2017 

AI Designers Find Inspiration in Rat Brains

IEEE Spectrum | May 30, 2017

ReadCoor Co-Founder George Church named to TIME's 100 Most Influential People of 2017 List

TIME | April 20, 2017 

Nature Biotechnology's academic spinouts of 2016

Nature Biotechnology | April 11, 2017  

New England Venture Capital Association announces 2017 NEVY Awards nominees

Boston Business Journal | April 4, 2017

Startup ReadCoor Plans to Launch In Situ Sequencing Platform Next Year

GenomeWeb | September 30, 2016

Harvard spinout snags $23M in funding for 3-D gene mapping

Boston Business Journal | September 29, 2016

Wyss Institute Spinout ReadCoor Raises $23M, Plans to Offer In Situ RNA Sequencing

GenomeWeb | September 28, 2016 

George Church discusses how to affordably rejuvenate the whole body using FISSEQ

Next Big Future | June 14, 2016  

Technique stretches brain tissue to spot, sequence genes

Spectrum | October 21, 2015

Intracellular RNA-Seq

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News | July 25, 2014  

New Technology Maps Location of Gene Activity Within Cells

medGadget | March 4, 2014  

Location, Location, Location

Harvard Medical School | February 28, 2014  



Disruptive: Fluorescent in situ Sequencing

Sound Cloud | September 27, 2016

Wyss: Looking to Nature for Inspiration - Episode 14

iTunes PodCast | September 27, 2016


Fluorescent in situ Sequencing Explained

YouTube (2:54) | March 3, 2014

FISSEQ: Close-up to landscape

Vimeo (0:22) | February 2, 2014

FISSEQ: Flashing sequence

Vimeo (0:24) | February 2, 2014


In Situ Technologies Enable a Pan-Omic Human Cell Atlas

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The Race to map the human body - one cell at a time

Heidi Ledford. Nature. 542. 7642. 20 Feb 2017.

Nanoscale imaging of RNA with expansion microscopy

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Fluorescent in situ sequencing (FISSEQ) of RNA for gene expression profiling in intact cells and tissues

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Rosetta Brains: A strategy for molecularly-annotated connectomics

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Highly multiplexed subcellular RNA sequencing in situ

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Conneconomics: The economics of large-scale neural connectomics

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Digital genotyping and haplotyping with polymerase colonies

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