Our Commitment to COVID-19 Research


ReadCoor is determined to enhance the scientific understanding of SARs-CoV-2 and accelerate the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to fulfill our mission of improving human health worldwide.

We are committed to supporting our customers through this uncertain time, and we will join those trying to address COVID-19 with their need to further vaccine and therapeutic development, determining on and off-target effects, pathogenesis, immune host interactions, and efficacy.

Our assays cover a broad spectrum of immune host interactions, cell-typing, signaling and activation pathways, HLA antigen presentation, virus genome (RNA & DNA), and virus transcriptome all localized within the same FFPE or Fresh Frozen sample. 

Our True Spatial Sequencing Platform enables:

  • Comprehensive mapping of single-cell spatial landscapes of infection foci
  • Inflammatory and cellular neighborhood infection, including the spatial relationships between infected cells and immune responses
  • Multi-omic RNA, DNA, Protein, and therapeutic assays to determine biomarkers for transmission, infection, and responses

Explore our all-in-one true spatial sequencing solution

Our platform gives researchers access to previously undiscovered data to guide the evaluation and validation of new drug targets, pathogen identification, and disease diagnosis. Our workflow consists of integrated instrumentation, consumables (off-the-shelf and customizable kits) and cloudware for seamless sample preparation, sequencing, and analysis.

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